Service Strategy
1. Possess a multi-functional project development team and hold a project kickoff meeting
2. Hold product design and review meetings with customers
3. In the early stage of product design, discuss with customers the feasibility of mold manufacturing and product production processes, and confirm the process technology and production capacity
3. Develop preliminary product quality planning and experimental outlines, as well as materials, equipment, molds, and measurements
4. Follow up on project progress and provide reports, coordinate engineering changes
5. Evaluate test samples and update existing problem records
6. Submit PPAP: size report, measurement report, production capacity analysis report, certification and testing report
7. Based on customer feedback, improve and submit products
8. Provide and support trial and mass production when entering the mass production stage
9. Design and test packaging methods and materials
10. Optimize logistics, planning, and shipping
11. Pursuing process optimization, continuous improvement, and learning from experience
12. Provide comprehensive engineering and quality support during the start-up phase of mass production
Explanation of relevant matters:
1. Conduct sampling based on customer requirements. Some products require mold opening, and the cost of mold opening needs to be borne by the customer. (If the number of orders reaches a certain quantity, we can refund the corresponding mold cost)
2.After both parties confirm the drawings, sign a contract and pay a deposit. The production time is calculated from the completion of the customized mold.
3. The product delivery time will not exceed 45 days

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